Gig Economy - An Engine of Social and Economic Transformation

By SeekSkills 04 Feb. 2016 in Trends 0 comments
Gig Economy - An Engine of Social and Economic Transformation

Slowly but surely a revolution is taking place – a different kind of economy is taking shape. The labor force of new entrepreneurs and freelancers- the Gig economy is rapidly growing around the world.

In last few decades, success was defined as being able to associate with a company for a long term and move up the corporate ladder. The main aim used to reach on top, acquire a plenty of wealth and retire for life. The business tactics and strategies of outsourcing works and jobs used to be reserved only for large companies and corporations. But, now the gig economy has strengthened even the smallest startups.

Unlike yesteryears, today if you are consulting or freelancing for five different companies at same time it is like badge of honor. It exhibits your competency and value as an individual. There are many companies hiring these individuals to get their job done which their full-time team can't. This helps them save money and time simultaneously on various projects. Along with this more and more people are turning towards gigs to work as an independent employee and make a decent income with greater flexibility. The biggest flexibility an individual receives while working as a freelancer is scheduling the working hours according to their own plans and schedules. In addition to this, unlike traditional office jobs, a freelancer is free to associate with number of businesses or enterprises he wishes to. He just needs to deliver his work on time with good quality and nothing else is required such as coming to office or following the office guidelines.

Most importantly there has been a growing recognition to freelancers who are efficient in balancing their time between work and other activities. These are often more focused, creative and productive in comparison to full time employees. These freelancers such as animators, designers, writers, etc are more passionate about delivering greater results to their clients.

Now on the other hand, online platforms or the freelance job websites are doing their job effectively by creating a market place by bringing freelancers and clients together. These online job portals are embracing the gig economy as a tool for business strategy and growth. Different gig websites help business owners and entrepreneurs contract freelancers to do any sort of job be it designing websites, building apps, delivering mails, etc. And, today it's just like you need to sit and take decisions and people/freelancers will do all the work you require.

So, slowly but surely these online freelance websites are bridging the gaps between freelancers and clients resulting in emerging gig economy. In future, gig economy will definitely become a platform of social and economic transformation. 


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