How to do better on Social Media?

How to do better on Social Media?

In real world, our words are like jewels. They shine just like jewels when we write or say them. In real sense, they require careful consideration before displaying in the public. If you will ask 20 people to read the same sentence, they are likely to offer you 20 slightly different interpretations. You must be thinking what I want to explain here with this example. I want to explain that in our electron-fast social media age, a few extra seconds spent on our words before taping the Send Button can prevent embarrassment and help preserve our credibility.

In social media, it is important to portray your image in a better way or you will have to pay heavily for it. And in doing it, you will have to work with patience. Patience in social media is spelled with five W's.

Let us find out what are these 5 W's:


You need to first think who am I trying to reach. Just posting on various social media platforms will not solve the problem. You should funnel out your audience and then start posting. This will bring you good results.


Secondly, you have to make sure the point of the post is clear and consistent with the facts. Try to research more on what people are thinking about your post. Are they interpreting the information correctly or not? This exercise will help you in making your customers understand what exactly you want to say.


Speed is a drug on social media. We assume the faster we post on social media, more quickly and certain we are to ride the leading edge of news. Today, the Internet is endemic with humor and shame over the mistakes made by organizations that moved too fast to gather facts. After reading all this, a good question must have entered your mind – What is the right time to post on social media? The right time is when you have all the facts and information.


The term social media is very broad as the horizon. It encompasses numerous networks, each having its own best practices and tolerances. Keep it in mind; every social media channel is different. We may think top channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, posses the same reach and intent. But social media experts have to say something different – Facebook is for people whom you already know or are in touch, Twitter is for people you want to know, and LinkedIn is for people you need to know. Once you learn the point and purpose of each social network, you will be able to answer where you should post.


Last but equally important is your need to understand why you should post on social media. Your urgency of using this digital marketing platform is important. You should make a resolution to perform well on social media. Then only you will come on the top.

Once you are able to win over patience, you will reap more benefits from your social media efforts. Incorporate all the above tips in your marketing plan and see how it is going to benefit you.


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