MilesWeb - Best Business Hosting Provider In India

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MilesWeb - Best Business Hosting Provider In India

Are you a small business or startup or eCommerce website owner then you must be looking for host provider to support you for taking your business online. Not to worry, because you have a better option in hosting that is “Business Hosting”. You must have come across with this type of hosting, but didn’t consider it, because of other hosting options or you must be not aware what is business hosting, right? For the same reason, I am writing this overview article of MilesWeb the best business hosting provider in India that you can contact and get best quality business hosting for your website.

What is Business Hosting?

As I said before, if you are the owner of eCommerce, startup or small business website then you need something better and that something is business hosting. Business hosting acts as an intermediary between Shared and VPS/Dedicated/Cloud hosting. Business hosting is powerful and easy to use hosting solution that you can use to gear your business.

Why MilesWeb Business hosting?

MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider in India that sells business hosting at a budget friendly price. Moreover, they are the first Indian business hosting provider that offer business hosting on the Amazon Cloud platform. In short, MilesWeb business hosting is one stop solution for eCommerce, high traffic and growing business websites. They provide three Amazon server locations that are US, UK and India.

Price & plan:

MilesWeb provides one plan for the different billing cycle and their plan is starting from Rs. 1680/- mo. Additionally, you also get 20% OFF on their current plan.


MilesWeb business hosting features

Benefits of MilesWeb Business Hosting plan

1) Scalable:

If you are newly starting your website or blog, then it is obvious that it will expand in the future. As website traffic increases, it will increase the server load as well. With MilesWeb business Indian Hosting Services, your resources will grow to match the speed of the website and this results to no downtime.

2) Powerful:

The integrated cloud server in this plan comes with a virtual server that manages workloads accordingly.

3) Secure:

It protects your website from any damage with website security and backup solution.

Reasons for choosing MilesWeb Cloud-based Business hosting?

1) Cloud Infrastructure:

Usually, one user shares the ordinary server with several other users, so there are the chances that the performance of your website may get affected. Whereas MilesWeb business hosting is integrated with cloud hosting server as it can distribute the resources on more than one server for maintaining your website. This results in low downtime on the website.

2) Website backup in cloud:

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about website getting crashed and data loss. Their backup solution helps to restore the data within a few clicks. Your data is backed up on the cloud server on a regular basis and you can run on demand backup of your website.

3) Cloud based web security:

Your website will not face any disaster because the MilesWeb web application firewall constantly tracks all the incoming and outgoing traffic on your website. This protects your website from web attacks such as DDoS, website hacking, identity theft or malicious activities.

4) Email spam protection:

Your email is completely saved with the MilesWeb. Their SpamExperts monitors all incoming emails and filters accordingly for safe landing to your inbox.

Comparison Between Shared/Business and VPS hosting

Comparison Between Shared/Business and VPS hosting

From the above snaps, you can see that business hosting is suitable for eCommerce and high traffic websites. You get features like ease of use, performance, on-demand backup & restore, DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, resources, block visitors by country and website security report. Whereas in shared and VPS hosting, you don’t get superior features than business hosting.

Customer Review:

Milesweb hosting review


Business hosting is the best solution in comparison to other hosting solutions that you can consider to host your website. If you are an eCommerce owner then what are you waiting for? Go and purchase business hosting and experience the better performance.


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  • Mangesh Nikam 6 months ago

    Thanks for updating my knowledge. MilesWeb offers quality service at cheap price and easily managed platform for my website.

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