Things I have Learnt Being an Entrepreneur

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Things I have Learnt Being an Entrepreneur

With time, I have learnt a lot about entrepreneurship. I have experience of over 15 years now and there are many lessons that resonate than others, and some of them are more pertinent than they did yesterday. Here I am going to rundown some of my most important lessons:

Great Partnerships

If you are alone pushing a boulder up a hill, chances are you will find difficulty in taking it up a hill. The same thing applies for your business too. If you have a capable partner with similar goals as your business, you get the courage to perform well. You will have more manpower, capabilities and ideas to perform well. In other sense, the boulder you are trying to push will look smaller than before.

Patience and Perseverance

As an entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance. Along your journey, you have to deal with clients, service vendors, and of course your employees with different mindsets. You need to maintain your patience to deal with different types of mindsets and challenging conditions. If you are able to do so, you are the winner. Generally good results come with time. There are many entrepreneurs who get the success after a very short time. Also there are entrepreneurs who get success after a very long time. You may have to face any of such situations. So if you are not keeping cool or are not working with patience and perseverance, you may get distracted from your goal. You need to keep this in mind.

Change is necessary

Change is necessary in everything. Everyone plans things for future. You might have also planned for short term and long term goals. But you need to have to keep a close eye on your activities. If you find the strategies you planned in past are not working, try to make changes to them in order to improve results. What we can conclude here is that change is an absolute necessity if you want to see yourself as a good entrepreneur.

Keep Learning

It is sure changes will take place, whether we want or not. With time, everything changes, industries change, needs of the customer change, strategies change and the mechanisms to reach customers also change. You need to understand how your products solve the needs of the customers. You need to learn how you can develop programs that will be fruitful for your company.

Prevention and Cures

Logically, it always makes sense to prevent an undesirable condition than to hope for a cure when it seems too late to prevent a situation. There are things for which we cannot predict the outcome. So cure is the only remedy that needs to be put into action. You need to find out the right cure for the problems that arise.

These are some of the top lessons that I have learnt in my professional journey till now as an entrepreneur. And I am still in the process of learning more and more. As an entrepreneur, you might also have learnt many lessons in your journey till. Here, you can share your experiences too.


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