Ways to Monitor How New Customers are Finding Your Business

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Ways to Monitor How New Customers are Finding Your Business

Are you wondering how new customers are finding you?

Or you want to find which of your marketing strategies is working for you?

You may have tried a lot of marketing strategies to engage with and market your business through different channels like emails, Facebook and Twitter. But in order to have the right audience, you need to understand the places where your audience is searching your business. Once you have done this, you can optimize your marketing efforts and content to focus those prospects into those marketing channels like your email list, Facebook page, Twitter to create a connection and have the opportunity to continue the conversation.

Listed below are a few ways to find out how customers are finding you.


Ask your customers

The first way to know is to ask customers how they ended up landing on your website. Especially the happy customers will gladly share the information with you. You can ask this information by encouraging your employees to ask when they are interacting face to face with the customers. You can also do this by giving them the option to tell you while they are making a purchase or registering for online event. Create an online survey and send it to your new email subscribers. You can also share them with your social media subscribers.

Start searching your business through the eyes of the customers

Search your business through the eyes of the customers, Search just like how your customers would search for your business on search engines likes Google and Bing to see where information about your business is available on the Internet. You may get results like this on the first page. Your website or the blog, Facebook Page, other social networks, review sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor. After you have done this, you should also try search phrases that could drive people to your website. For example, for a dentist, your search term could be: dentist in your town, dental centre in your town, where to get dental treatment in your town and so on. Once you have done this, make a list of all the places your business is showing up. Also you must make a note of places where you are not listed but you think you should be. You can make plans to get your business information published on those sites.

Keep a track on your email list growth

If you are using sign-up tools to grow your email list, you can easily make out where people are signing up within your account. This will help you track your email list growth online. It is equally important to make joining your list a simple process. This will step up your email list growth and take you a step nearer to attracting your next great customer.

There are many marketers who are missing out on this important factor. Tracking how new customers are finding you will pave your way to flourish better and take your business to the next level.


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