Angelene  Clarke


Angelene Clarke

London, UK

Kennington Road SW4 Convert a Commercial property to Residential

The Collective Northern Quarter, Manchester

Kura Collective Rehearsal studio Manchester


Hi Im Angelene I love to make things — especially Like to create. I think we should talk.

Let’s talk about me i am a Architectural Designer I’m a designer who loves to design, things that are enjoyable to use. I enjoy working for an awesome companies. i’m that girl/lady/woman I didn’t make this page lightly, and have spent some time considering whether or not to really go for this. I love a challenge. I love the idea of working with people that are brilliant; whom I admire and respect. I know what it means to work together to make something great. And I look forward to making Yinka Ilori better by my addition. I want to learn from you and I want to teach you and I want to learn things together.

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