Jordon  Mazziotti


Jordon Mazziotti

Saratoga Springs, UT, United States

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It's Always Funny Showcase Display

Salt Lake Comedy Carnivale T-shirt

Salt Lake Comedy Carnivale Business Cards

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Comedian Steve Soelberg Website

GIG Logo Design

Idaho Laugh Fest - Save the Date

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Snitches Get Stitches Shirt

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GoReact Table Tent

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Friday Night Geek Out Poster

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Mazziotti Design Football Helmet

NCA 2015 Postcard

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Comedy & Other Opinions Poster - January 2016

AMP Logo Design

Daughter's Name Hand Lettering

Alabama 2015 National Champions

Ole Miss 2016 Sugar Bowl Champions

Hand Lettering on Wood

Deadpool Hand Lettering


You Think It. We Design It.

Since 2003, Jordon Mazziotti has lived and breathed life as a graphic designer. His career began many years before as a teen drawing typefaces and logos with a piece of paper and pencils & pens and selling them to classmates to buy pogs and baseball cards. Jordon later graduated from college and has worked as a Graphic Design/Creative Director for design firms, in-house teams, logo design houses, newspapers and software companies.

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